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FEP Awards Ceremony

FEP gala© Sijie Shen

At the FEP Awards Ceremony, inside photokina 2014, in Cologne, Germany, the winner of the FEP competition 2014 has been announced.

FEP gala© Sijie Shen

I was given the commercial silver award 2014. FEP European Professional Photographer of the year 2014 is Uli Staiger, from Germany.

FEP competition 2014 – Commercial awards for single images

FEP Auszeichnung

I am one of the photographers awarded at the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2014. I was given the silver award. To see more details visit: or the FEP gallery.





Täglich geöffnet …

Künstlersymposium „Atelier an der Donau“

Mankerstr. 26, 3380 Pöchlarn

3 – 13. September

von 0 – 24 Uhr

täglich geöffnet – schaut vorbei!

Atelier an der Donau – Künstlersymposium



Wir freuen uns schon auf das 9te Künstlersymposium in Pöchlarn von 3. bis Weiterlesen